Cani Sciolti

Calendar – Cani Sciolti 2015 50 numbered copies

26 EUR
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The first Cani Sciolti calendar ever produced!

Cani Sciolti is a calendar for 2015, offset printed by Tipografia Reali on FAVINI Crush paper 120 g/m2, illustrated by young designers based in Milano, including Samuele Anzellotti, Anna Paola Buonanno, Laura Doardo & Federico Ros, Enrico Forestieri, Fausto Giliberti (Studio Temp), MK Han & Marco Belloni, Piergiorgio Italiano, Ludovica Niero, Parasite2.0, Matteo Pace, Pietro Pezzani, Francesco Zorzi.
Every month has an artwork created by a different author, so you have 12 posters in A2 size (42,00×59,40 cm) printed on Crush Agrumi paper, and a cover on Cherry paper.
Only 50 copies of Cani Sciolti were produced.