Cani Sciolti

Calendar – Cani Sciolti 2016 100 numbered copies

18 EUR
As every year, a new calendar is ready!
Cani Sciolti is a calendar for 2016, Risograph-printed in two colors on FAVINI Remake paper 120 g/m2, in a limited and numbered edition. This year the participants are emerging italian authors like Samuele Anzellotti, Mr. G, Andrea Salerno, Angelo Renna, From outer Space, Emilio Macchia, Laura Doardo & Federico Ros, AUT, ForestieriPacePezzani, Etaoin Shrdlu, Ludovica Niero & Anna Livia Friel, Andrea Guccini, Studio Temp.
Only 100 copies of Cani Sciolti 2016 were produced.